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Voxeon applies content marketing tactics in an HR communication space. As a global internal communication, employee engagement and employer branding agency, we help bring remote and hybrid teams closer together, and support future-ready brands tell their stories.


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Remote and hybrid working models are good for people and businesses, but only when connection, alignment and wellbeing are prioritised from the first 'hey!' to the final 'see ya!'


Attract and recruit the best global talent with strategic employer branding that inspires current and prospective team members.


Design beautiful, immersive onboarding experiences that are as magnetic as your people are.


Engage your entire team with leadership communication, recognition and wellbeing


Create positive, empathetic offboarding experiences that help build bridges.

About us

Founder and CEO, Jo Eyre, has spent the past 16 years advising startups, governments and some of the world's most well known corporations. As a seasoned remote worker, she embraces the incredible benefits of flexible work, and has made it her mission to counter the common challenges of loneliness, stress, and misalignment in distributed teams.
The businesses that will succeed in our new world of work are flexible, purpose-driven, and made up of happy, thriving individuals that align with this purpose. Voxeon exists to catalyse this commitment.

Voxeon is an MXP agency, with presence in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.



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Our values


Our curiosity helps us strive for excellence in everything we do. We ask questions. We know our stuff but we also have a continuous learning mindset. We may have strong opinions but they are always loosely held.


We have a zest for life and enthusiasm for what we do. We see the lighter side of things. We take our work seriously but ourselves less so.


We love cutting-edge technology and we’re fascinated by how it can help us connect and communicate, but we prioritise human experience, empathy and kindness above all else.


We’re all about real people, genuine challenges and authentic experiences. We celebrate living and working authentically, even (especially!) when it’s uncomfortable.


Our focus on the future of work is balanced by our commitment to learn from the past and understand the fundamental elements of being human. #anthrofuturology

We hire smart, talented people and give them the autonomy to do career-defining work that creates positive impact for individuals and businesses. Interested in working with us? Drop us a line.


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