Communication for global future-builders

Navigate the noise, amplify your voice and lead authentic conversations that will build a better tomorrow

Voxeon is an international communications agency providing tailored PR Solutions for Games, Future Tech, SaaS, and Sustainability Innovators

Media Relations

Resonate in the ever-evolving digital landscape with compelling narratives and powerful connections, delivered through targeted media relations strategies

Thought Leadership

Position your brand as a trailblazer in your industry. Curate and amplify your unique perspectives, fostering trust and authority among your target audience

Content Creation

From engaging story-selling to impactful visuals, our content creation breathes life into your brand's identity, delivering messages that captivate and engage

Industry Events

Seize the spotlight at key industry events and ensure your brand presence leaves a lasting impression, driving meaningful engagement within your target markets

About us

Founder and Managing Director, Jo Eyre, has spent the past 17 years advising startups, governments and some of the world's most well known corporations.

As a certified communications coach and TEDx speaker, Jo helps businesses and leaders communicate with impact, marrying powerful storytelling with broader business objectives. And as an award-winning content marketer, she marries the human need to create meaning and identity, with commercial goals.

Voxeon is an MXP agency, with presence in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.


Building trust in distributed teams

The Edelman Trust Barometer Report highlights that 61% of people express concerns about misinformation from business leaders. We look into the fundamentals of trust, its pivotal role in the new era of work, and provide tips for building and maintaining trust in remote work environments.

Human-centric communication in AI-driven workplaces

How should communicators support the process of integrating AI into workplace communication to facilitate connection, collaboration, and ultimately help people and businesses fulfill their creative and professional potential?

Employer Branding in the Age of Flexibility

Flexibility is no longer a ‘perk’. It’s an essential part of your EVP. This eBook covers the key areas to consider when you’re updating your employer brand strategy so that you can succeed in the age of flexibility.


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